Monday, 13 May 2013

The Dark Age with a Golden Period

Kali: This is my age oh queen. Lust has just begun. I'm allowed 400,000 years in which to have my fun. Wars!! Plagues!! Suicides!! Droughts!! Money!! Liquor!! And lies!! Rapes!! Bombs!! Disease… Such a feast for my eyes…. Rejoice… rejoice!! My queen!! With perverted desires will I flood their minds!! They'll be vultures for pleasure, but only torment will they find!

Kali: Yes!! I am. Illicit sex – such a delight for a moment pleasure, like dogs they'll fight.

Sin: and if a child's conceived by chance, to be rid of the inconvenience, they'll kill the baby in the womb, making the rubbish bin his tomb.

Kali: women hunter will scavenge the night and they'll slaughter the cows for the appetite which brings us to meat eating…

Sin: What would you like for dinner dear? Some freshly killed pig? Chicken or steer? Christmas killed turkey? Rabbit? Lamb?

Kali: No, love, tonight I shall eat my fellow man!! I'll get you all… just wait and see!! I'll have no compassion, not one drop of mercy.

Sin: Intoxication… would you like a cigarette sir? Some coffee? Or tea? Hey buddy! May be you want some burgundy?

Kali: what? Not enough? Hey man, try some hashish or LSD… A mystic vision do I guarantee. Whatever you want, you just come to me. Yeah.

Sin: Worshipping God? Tut…Tut… there will hardly be any, but even the pauper will worship his pew.

Sin: They'll have no idea how life began but their lives will end with a nuclear bang!!

Kali: Come on! Enjoy your life!! Do your own thing! It's all absurd….

Sin: Forget tomorrow, just have some fun!! It doesn't matter, it's all one!! Blow your mind then let them run!!

Kali: The Gods will be science and mental speculation. Today it was established the universe came out of a great explosion… Ha! Ha! The leaders of society so filled with lust. They'll be bribed to see the only way to bring about peace is to rid the world of me!! Me!!

Kali: They'll try to be masters of the world and enjoy a life of ease. But they will create a hell of concrete skies and plastic trees. Aah… Tut…Tut…

Sin: Like rats they'll race at frightening speeds encaged in cars of steel and they'll work like slaves to feed their shiny coffins on four wheels!!

Kali: What a tangled web we'll weave!

Sin: We'll hipmesthetize their brains with senseless songs and television.

Kali: We'll cripple their bodies with junk food, chemicals and pollution.

Sin: We'll twist their minds with political lies in books and newspapers.

Kali: And we'll break their hearts in their Godless schools… and this is just the beginning… you wait till we get going! For I am Kali!

Sin: And I'm his consort sin!!

Kali: And when we're done you will see how heads will spin! For I am Kali!

Sin: And I'm his consort sin!! You will eat one another…. Even kith and kin…

Kali: For I am Kali!!

Sin: And I'm his consort sin!!

Kali: You'll all be old men by the time you're ten!! For I am Kali!!

Sin: And I'm his consort sin!!

Kali & Sin: And this is the age that we will do you all in!!

Hare Krishna!
Dhirasanta dasa

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