Sunday, 20 October 2013

Identifying the Root Cause of all Problems

All endeavours in the field of Science are to reduce the miseries of man and to increase his comforts. A fan is used to reduce the misery of sweating. A grinder is used to avoid the misery of manual grinding. A motorcycle is used to avoid the misery of pedalling. These are simple examples. In a similar way, all advances in Science, Technology and Medicine are aimed at reducing the miseries and, if possible, ending them altogether.

But have we become successful in counteracting the real problems of life – birth, old age, disease and death? We have only become experts in covering up the reality. In fact, "advancement" means "newer and more ingenuous ways of covering up the reality".

Once a man became allured by the beauty of a girl; she was tall, had long hair and wore a stylish sunglasses. He followed her all the way to her house in order to get to know more about her. When she entered her house, he peeped in through the window. He found her removing her high heels and her height reduced drastically. She removed her wig and her bald head showed up. She removed her stylish sunglasses and her sunken eyes within their sockets were exposed. She removed her tooth set and her actual age stood exposed, not 16 but 60.

Similarly, modern science has come up with many sophisticated technological gadgets which give a superficial veneer of comfort and advancement to life. But actually when one gets a deeper vision, one understands that below this razzle-dazzle, the problems of life still persist; we still have to suffer due to old age, disease and death.

All these technological advancements provide only some temporary stop-gap solutions to man's problems, but the problems keep surfacing again and again in some other form.

Knowledge begins with the inquiry athato brahma jijnasa: "What is Brahman?" Knowledge also begins by understanding the threefold miseries of the material world – adhyatmika (miseries arising from mind and body), adhibhautika (miseries caused by other living entities) and adhidaivika (miseries caused by the agency of nature). We have no control over these threefold miseries. But if an intelligent man can turn to the Vedas, they can teach him how to come out of bodily consciousness and realize his loving relationship with God. Then by performing activities in pure spiritual consciousness, he will become eligible to enter into the kingdom of God, where life is eternal and full of knowledge and bliss.

Hare Krishna!
Dhirasanta dasa

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