Friday, 30 August 2013

A Test of Faith

One time a disciple of Jesus became very sick and no medicine could cure him. Jesus said to him, "You must fast for many days." The other followers were thinking, "How can he do this? We thought Jesus was compassionate, but here he's making this sick man fast."

After a few days the man became very thin and weak. Jesus brought a cup of warm milk with honey and a little butter on top. He them ordered the disciple, "Open your mouth." So the man was relieved. "Finally I'm going to eat something." When the cup was right on his lip, Jesus said, "Don't drink. This is your test." He was a sincere disciple so he followed. You can just imagine that after many many days of fasting, how much he must have been craving for the sweet aroma of the milk.

The man was practically dead from starvation. But Jesus kept saying, "Keep your mouth open, but don't drink." Those who had faith knew that whatever Jesus said would be all good for them, so they were waiting to see conclusion of this lesson. Others gave up faith and they went away, never to return.

For several minutes the man kept his mouth open and Jesus held the silver goblet right below his lip for a long time. This man had been sick for years, and whatever he ate gave him no nourishment.

After about half an hour, a tapeworm came out of his mouth. This worm lived in his stomach used to eat whatever he would eat. Now that the man had not eaten anything for many days, the tapeworm was also starving. So to everyone's astonishment this worm came out, attracted by the smell of milk. Jesus took out the worm and threw it away!. Then he said, "Now you can drink this milk. Because you have followed my instructions this nectar will give you material and spiritual health."

Hare Krishna!
Dhirasanta dasa

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